About Us

Poultry Online provides technical information on, and sells, layer chickens, meat chickens, ducks, and quail developed and bred by Nulkaba Hatchery and associates specifically for:

  • the alternative poultry farming systems of barn and free range production
  • the food service and restaurant industry
  • the backyard poultry hobbyist

Poultry Online also promotes and sells, under the brand name “Nulkaba Farm”, the chicken eggs, duck eggs, and quail eggs produced by Nulkaba Hatchery in the barn and free range production systems.

Nulkaba Hatchery is located in the small town of Nulkaba in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine production area of New South Wales, Australia.

Our property, which covers 150 acres, is suitably isolated from other poultry farms by distance and surrounding eucalypt state forests.

Poultry facilities on our property include modern purpose built rearing and breeder sheds and a commercial hatchery. In keeping with our alignment to the alternative barn and free range production environments, no caged poultry is kept on our property.

The genetic improvement programmes for layer chickens, ducks, and quail are conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Moth – one of Australia’s leading poultry geneticists.

At Poultry Online you can access management and performance information about the highly productive layer chickens, fast growing broiler chickens, ducks, and quail that we sell.

As we continue to develop this site, you will be able to access technical information on general management, feeding and nutrition, and diseases and pests of poultry.

Poultry Online also offers a fee based consulting service which you may consider using should the information provided in our technical section not be sufficient for your purposes.