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All our chicken eggs are produced under the free range production system. We do not produce cage eggs and have no cages on our farm.

Under our free range production system our hens are stocked at no more than 1,200 per hectare, and all hens have meaningful access to green pasture during daylight hours. In addition, our hens have continuous access to feed and water, in an environment that is enriched by nests, perches and dust bathing areas.

Our quail eggs are produced under the barn system as quail cannot be free ranged due to the lack of a homing instinct.

As we are only a small operator concentrating on producing a fresh quality product, not all types or grades of eggs will be available at all times.

Chicken eggs are packed in cartons of 12 eggs, or on trays of 30 eggs.

Quail eggs are only available in cartons of two dozen eggs.

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